How Men and Women Differ When Spending Money

How Men and Women Differ When Spending Money

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Generally speaking, men and women choose to spend their money differently. Even now, as you read this, you’re probably already thinking of some.

This became all-too-apparent to me as a newly-wed, when I mistakenly tried to place a limit on my wife’s clothing budget (if you could even call it a “budget”). She came home one day and had spent a couple hundred dollars on clothes. I may have overreacted slightly (okay, a lot). Of course, while her shirt and pants weren’t a necessity, it was perfectly fine for me to buy a new set of power tools the following weekend.

I’ve since repented of my ways and realized that we each have different priorities and need to be understanding of those wants and needs in each gender.

Here’s just a few ways in which men and women differ when it comes to spending money:

Charitable Donations

As a man, I feel perfectly comfortable in stating the obvious — we’re selfish. Women take the cake in this category. Charitable giving and donations are done more frequently by women. I think just as a generality, women are more compassionate in nature. They’re more willing to help others, and seek out this in need.

Charitable giving often implies gifting money, but this can also include volunteer work and/or dedicating time as well.

Valentine’s Daymen-and-women-differ-when-spending-money

No surprise here. Men spend more during Valentine’s Day than women do. It only takes one forgotten Valentine’s Day for a man to generally realize his mistake and never let that happen again. Flowers, chocolate, cards, and stuffed animals tend to add up quickly! As Americans, we spent close to $20 Billion on Valentine’s Day last year, most of which were spent by men.

Now, that’s not to say that women don’t spend money for their significant other during this Holiday, and I don’t mean to discredit that, but men win in this category.

Women are more responsible with debt and loans

It seems that from a maturity perspective, women have a head-start on us, beginning in Junior High. While we hope to catch up, some of us never quite make it there. An article by the Wall Street Journal discovered that when it comes to paying back money and loans, women tend to be more responsible in paying.

For those men who are struggling with debt, you might consider letting your spouse take control of the finances. But don’t fret, as we can all change. Check out our articles here and here on how to control your debt, and be financially free once and for all.

Women buy clothes, men buy food

This one makes me laugh. I believe that in every relationship, each person should have “their” money, where they’re allowed to do with it whatever they please. This lesson came from criticizing my wife’s clothing budget.

We decided that we would set aside money each month, and neither of us had a say in the other persons’ expenditures. Her excess was spent on clothes, and can you guess where mine were devoted? Thats right — food. She doesn’t quite enjoy eating out as much as I do, but I find that’s one of my favorite things to do on the weekends.

In your relationships, where do you find you two differ? Let us know in the comments.

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